The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs in Nevada County

Before the Nevada County New Business Network (NCNBN) there was a program called “Nevada County – Bring Them Home”.  “Bring Them Home” was initially conceived to address the fact that Nevada County experiences a higher than average out-of-county migration of its youth after high school graduation or attendance at Sierra College.  Students who leave the county to attend 4-year institutions typically stay in those areas or other more densely populated regions as they begin their careers and their own businesses, especially when they are given no incentive to move back.

Since 1990, the number of people between the ages of 50-59 increased 9%, while those between 20-29 increased 45% and 30-39 decreased by 9%.  These trends may indicate that there was a strong interest to remain or move back to Nevada County, but when residents reached 30-39 and the need for secure employment wasn’t available, they left.

Along with the Nevada County Economic Resource Council, we wish to reverse that trend.

We are building a comprehensive on-line resource directory of recent and former local graduates, which includes contact information, technical education, and biographical information, with the aim of reaching out to Nevada County graduates who have or are interested in returning to start or build their business and professional careers.

In the coming months we will then begin work on a modified incubator with the purpose of providing a support system for these new businesses that includes business plan development, business start-up assistance, professional consultants and mentorships, advertising & promotional strategies, funding options and more to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs in Nevada County.

How You Can Get Involved

  • Sign up to be included in the on-line directory of young professionals, businesses, community leaders, and investors.  *Your information is safe and we will not give it out to any third parties.
  • Become a mentor and share your wealth of business experience.
  • Sign up for our newsletter, this blog and Facebook page to keep up to date with the NCNBN.
  • Spread the word!  Tell your  friends, family, colleagues, and business associates about the program.

We will be updating this blog daily with information on local business news; business workshops and seminars; events and mixers; business owner and mentor profiles; better business practices; and of course a tip of the day for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

If you would like to contribute a story idea or news to the blog please email Jesse Locks at

Don’t forget!  The entire community benefits from a pool of bright, talented young professionals and entrepreneurs.


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