Green Drinks Sierra – A Social Mixer Not to be Missed

Sometimes it feels like I’ve spent most of the day in meetings, so the thought of going to another organized function, albeit even one that offers free drinks, doesn’t exactly excite me.  Green Drinks of the Sierra is an exception to my usual rule.  It is a social mixer not to be missed.

Lori Lachman organizes the monthly Green Drinks of the Sierra.  Green Drinks is an International group of sustainability networking events.  For close to a year Lori has been setting up monthly mixers at various locations around town, usually restaurants that offer healthy, organic food and/or sustainable business practices.  Each event features knowledgeable and compelling speakers presenting on an array of pertinent “green” issues.

Last month I attended my first Green Drinks of the Sierra.  An small group of us, consisting of professional green builders, architects, permaculturists, landscape architects, community organizers and small business owners met at the newly remodeled Sierra Mountain Coffee Roasters in Grass Valley to hear Peter Van Zant from Sierra Watch speak about the organization’s conservation campaign for Donner Summit.  Afterwards, the group had the opportunity to network and hear more about one another’s interests and projects.

Maybe I was in a particularly good mood that evening, but I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the speaker, topic and attendees.  Everyone was working on exciting projects and extremely thoughtful and genuinely interested in collaborating with others.

Lori is at it again this month which will feature speaker Leo Chapman of Living Lands Agrarian Network.  Living Lands is a collaborative group of like-minded folks who value local, healthy food and a return to the more natural  lifestyle of farming.  Leo will be discussing some of the projects they are working on including their farming classes. Members of SIGBA (Sierra Green Building Association) will also be there to let you know about their upcoming speaker series and events.

Save the Date! – Wednesday, March 24, 2010, 6 – 8pm, Sierra Coffee Roasters, 671 Maltman Drive, Grass Valley, CA


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