Where the Money is in 2010

GROWSierra Foothills is a joint effort of the ERC and Golden Capital Network (GNC) to provide a voice for innovative, growth-oriented businesses; bring public recognition to the best private companies in the region; and provide valuable private referrals for you to entities that can add value to your company from a wide range of industry experts.  GROWSierra Foothills is part of a statewide effort called GROWCalifornia.

We are launching GROWSierra Foothills at a special event on Wednesday, May 26 at the Nevada County Board of Realtors, 336 Crown Point Circle, Grass Valley,  from 4-7pm.

In addition to a broad range of panelists with expertise in venture capital, private equity growth capital, buy-outs, mergers and acquisitions, bank and alternative debt, and government funding programs, the event will be used to honor the companies who participate in the GROWSierra Foothills online survey.  This date is intended to provide us with a picture of the overall contribution of innovative growth companies to the region and is kept strictly confidential and presented as a Regional Innovation and Economic Index Report to demonstrate the importance of your company and others like yours.  The survey also helps us understand the most important needs of our local growth companies.

For more information on panelists go here.

RSVP to 530-274-8455 or info@ncerc.org to reserve your seat at the event and please take 5-10 minutes to fill out the survey here.

There is no cost to attend the event, but seating is limited.


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